SFK Bridals by Sadaf Fawad Khan imparts subtlety and modernity. Sadaf’s vision offers youthful glamour that balances traditional detailing with fresh silhouettes. Sadaf discusses her recent collection styled exculsively for GT on her muse, the stunning Anaum Hammad

By Afshan Shafi

How would you describe your design journey?

I’ve been designing for five years now so SFK bridals was a very natural progression for me.

Do you have a muse?

For today’s shoot Anaum is my muse who is truly beautiful and looks stunning in each and every color and every cut.

In life, who would you say is your muse?

I think there are so many well dressed inspirational women across the world so it would be hard to choose one.

What inspires you when you’re designing?

I’m quite a minimalist person anyway and I don’t like ostentatious things, so we always keep that in mind. Motif wise I’ve gone with sticking to patterns, mosaics, florals. As we go further, we’ll develop a signature style so to speak but for now we take inspiration from everything.

How would you describe SFK in three words?




What was the starting point for this particular collection that you showed at Pfdc?

Since I’m a business graduate, I handle the business side of things and work with my design team who develop the khakas and we together we add to the databank for inspiration. For the recent collection, we looked at the moonbow which is quite a rare phenomenon and uncommon.

What are your plans for expanding SFK in the future?

I think Bridals will remain an integral focus and since there is no bigger category then couture we will keep on expanding with that in mind. We have big plans let’s see how they roll out.

Rapid Fire

Favourite designers (International)

Ellie Saab and Sabyasaachi

Favourite designers (local)

Elan, Muse, Faraz Manan & Zara Shahjahan

Favourite piece of jewellery

A pendant that Fawad has gifted me, which is my favourite so far.

A celebrity you would love to dress

Deepika Padukone

Non-celebrity you would love to dress

Kate Middleton (Laughs)

Favourite fashion show that you attended in person

The recent showcase by Elan. The ambiance, clothes everything was 100/100

Favourite high street designer


The perfect metallic look for a dholki with a high low hemline adding a modern twist. Pulled back hair gives the right sleekness to the ensemble

 Just the outfit for a glam mehndi with those Shafaq Habib beauties adding the right lustre

Anaum is a knockout in this ivory sari. We love the ruffled fall and pallu and the glints of gold throughout. The deep pink lips and the perfect highlighter finish the look perfectly

We love the entiwining branches of the grand motif here as well as the shimmering fabric. Shiny fuss free hair adds a carefree vibe to this evening ensemble

 Anaum dazzles in a floor length jacket with metallic high waisted trousers. Subtle side swept waves add a traditional elegance to the look

Love the on-trend fringing and high low modernity of this outfit. Anaum rocks those aubergine trousers with strappy heels

Good Times


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