Juggun Kazim is a name that needs no introduction. Her no nonsense attitude about love, life and her openness about her personal relationships have made her connect with people. Sana Zehra sits down with her for a short & sweet one on one

What do you think it means to be a feminist in 2017?

I believe that women should have the same political, social, and economic rights as men but, most importantly, we need to make sure that we respect and every human being’s basic rights on this planet.

As a mother raising a boy what do you hope to teach him about equality?

As a mother raising a boy, it’s always an upward battle. I always try to teach him that men and women are equal, and both need to be respected the same way; in some ways, women more than men. It’s not very easy, because he is currently studying in an all-boys school where obviously there’s a little bit of male chauvinism that exists as well. But I believe that children really learn by example, so I try to be respectful of all people, male or female, some who work for me in my house or at work, or even my bosses. I try to keep an equal and respectful attitude towards everyone, so that my children learn to do the same.

How has Juggun changed over the course of the years?

The two great changes that have happened are: (a) that I’ve become extremely conscious of my health. I’ve become proactive about going to the gym and eating well, which I was very careless about say ten years ago. The other thing that has happened is that I’ve become much more patient than I used to be. I used to get very upset and worked up pretty quickly. Now I’ve learnt how to take a breath and be calm about adversities as well as minor irritants.

Under that tough facade, who is the real Juggun?

I’m basically just a regular girl. I like going out with my friends, hanging out at home watching movies, cooking for my family and friends. So I would say I’m very basic, there is no deep, dark or very interesting thing about me.

Favourite fan moment?

I’ve always had people coming up to me to appreciate my work, but what really touches me is when someone says I made a difference in their life, which happens very largely with my morning show. I have a dialogue based show on education and health. I still remember there was this one time a woman came up to me told me she was almost going to divorce her husband but changed her mind after listening to something I had to say in a show, about “when is it exactly the right time to give up” or “giving yourself that first year of getting to know each other properly before making such a serious decision.” So that was a really great moment for me to know that somebody actually listened to me and is now happy and settled down because of a small thing that I pointed out.

“To know that somebody actually listened to me and is now happy and settled down because of a small thing that I pointed out on my morning show is a great feeling”

Closest ever came to death?

I have A LOT of near death experiences, predominantly because I’m very accident prone. When I was four or five years old, I went to Nathiagali with my family, and everyone was just doing their thing till suddenly they realised that I was missing. Then one of them found me literally hanging from a cliff very quietly because I was very very scared. That is probably the nearest to death experience that I’ve had. Then, I was in a really bad car accident when I was 17, I lost a really dear friends of mine in that accident, so yes that’s another one.

One word describing Marriage and Morning shows?

The one word I would use is “unnecessary.”

One thing you are really bad at?

I have to admit whenever I’m really upset or stressed out, I binge eat. That’s a really bad habit that I’d like to change this year.

Advice to women with a broken heart?

Honestly, there’s really nothing you can say or do for a person when their heart is broken. I can relate to that feeling. But the only thing I can say is “this too shall pass.” Broken hearts do heal, bigger and better things come along. But when you’re in that moment you need to deal with whatever you’re going through because only when you acknowledge it and deal with it, you come out of it.

Relationship advice to a 15 year old Juggun?

I would say don’t be in a relationship because 15 is too young; I’d say talk to your parents, confide in them. When you’re at that age you should explore the world and yourself and just have fun. Relationships are great, when they happen at the right time. But if you try to fast forward to them, I think you don’t enjoy them as much as you get confused with things that come with it. So I’d say don’t be in a relationship if you’re 15, but if you are then make sure that your parents know who you are with and the entire dynamic of it, because a lot of times people take advantage of you or the situation since it’s a secret. The right thing at the right time has a better impact and makes you happier.

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