Fresh entrant to Pakistani television, Anmol Baloch tip-toed into the entertainment industry with a slew of prominent commercials and TV series, but is best known for her role as the much beloved protagonist in Aik Larki Aam Si.
Grabbing all the attention she duly deserves, the model and actress has proved to be a lot more than just a pretty face with her strong screen presence and acting prowess. Sana Zehra meets her for a quick tête-à-tête

Has a disastrous start ever led to something great for you?

Fortunately, I can’t think of anything that didn’t start out well for me.

Which weird food combinations do you really enjoy? 

French fries with chocolate

How would your country change if everyone, regardless of age, could vote?

With younger citizens being more socially aware through open dialogue and the use of social media, I think our nation could change for the better. By allowing the youth to vote, they will be able to help create a country they would like to grow up in and start families in at a future date. It would also create a greater sense of civic duty.


What are some red flags to watch out for in daily life?

You can tell someone lacks sincerity when they’re only nice to you when you are surrounded by cameras. A tendency to be overly consumed by one’s phone with no value for interpersonal connections is also a major pet peeve.

If you were surprised with a three day paid leave from work, how would you spend your time?

I would take a quick trip somewhere I can shop till I drop or spend quality time with my cats and family.

Where do you get your news from?

Facebook and Instagram

What movie can you watch over and over without getting tired of?

DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge)

What’s wrong but sounds right?


What’s the most epic way you’ve seen someone quit or be fired?

Someone I know quit their job fearlessly by simply handing out their resignation letter to their boss saying “Hasta la vista, baby.” (Goodbye)

What social stigma does society need to get over?

A lot of the stigmas women have to face on a daily basis. An independent woman is not “corrupt” nor is a woman obligated to bow down to her husband. It’s all about mutual respect, which society needs to acknowledge.

What’s the most creative use of emojis you’ve ever seen?

Narrating a full story through emojis, only making it sound funnier.

What’s something that will always be in fashion, no matter how much time passes?

Watches. I think people will never get over watches

Which actors or actresses play the same character in almost every movie or show they do?

Humayun Saeed and Mahira Khan; he always plays the charming protagonist and she is always seen as the damsel in distress.

In the past, people were buried with items they would need in the afterlife. What would you want buried with you?

My cell phone

What’s the best /worst practical joke that you’ve played on someone or that was played on you?

Prank calling Pizza Hut and asking them for advice to solve my problems.

Who do you go out of your way to be nice to?

I try to be nice to everyone I come across but mostly my family. I would take a bullet for them if I had to.

Which celebrity do you think is the most down to earth?

Mahira Khan

What would be the worst thing to hear while going under anesthesia before a surgery?

The doctor cracking a joke about the survival rate of that particular surgery. Bad timing doc!

Something you have you never eaten but would really like to try?


What food is delicious but a pain to eat?

Pani puri. You’ve got to time your dunk and eat it super quickly so the whole thing doesn’t crumble in your hands. But I will gladly eat pani puri any day for as long as I live.

Who was your craziest/most interesting teacher?

My math teacher. He was known for telling the lamest jokes that only he found funny.

“An independent woman is not ‘corrupt’ nor is a woman obligated to bow down to her husband. It’s all about mutual respect”

What “old person” things do you do?

Stay home and sleep in on a Saturday night instead of partying.

What was the last photo you took?

The one I just uploaded on Instagram

Hair & makeup: Eric Sen

at JY Style Studio

Photography: Raza Jaffri


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