Known as the “king of Couture” and after completing almost 29 years in the industry, how has the journey been for you and what is your favourite part of being a fashion designer?

The journey has been very rewarding and I feel incredibly blessed and grateful for that as not many people get to do what they love. I believe I have been given this opportunity by my clients and people around me to continue doing what I love the most and this is where my greatest achievement lies.

“I am basically a kid in a shop, getting to live my dream everyday”

We all know that no one in the fashion industry makes a red classic attire better than HSY and the designs you create are always meticulously crafted with some eye catching intricate details, what is your design philosophy and what is your inspiration while creating such designs?

My design philosophy is timeless elegance and beauty. When someone buys my design from any of my collection they should buy it thinking that it is not something on trend, it will be a timeless classic piece that can be worn and used over and over again!

“The fashion and design industry now has become a space of sensationalism all across the world; I want to the peaceful eye in the storm where there is a guarantee aesthetic and classiness  that will never go out of style.”

I believe men make beautiful clothes for women, as that’s how they like to see them. What sets me apart from ‘men designing clothes for women’ is that I design clothes for true women, in particular my mother and my sister and if my mother and my sister are not  able to wear my clothes then all the other women in my culture won’t be able to and I keep that very close to my heart while designing clothes.

Tell us a bit about your collection, Rehana and the whole concept behind this very special campaign

This collection is very close to my heart as it’s named after my beloved mother. I’m very close to my mother and I talk about her a lot…maybe all the time as I lover her dearly. I believe that if people follow us for the trends then they should also follow us for this particular trend that I want to be there always, which is respecting our parents and our elders as it’s a big part of who I am.

“This collection is for my mother and to establish her name because I want her memory to live on. The memory of her to me is not the glamorous woman I know, my mother represents to me hard work, she brought me up as a single parent, doing multiple jobs to pay our bills”

The only way I can celebrate her is to make collections in her name so that all the single mothers out there who might be raising another HSY or another star to feel empowered and seen! I want them to know that there is a brand (HSY) who sees them, understands them and is making beautiful clothes at prices they all can afford!

The new economy is not getting better anytime soon so rather than complaining about it we should start taking action in regards to how to best service people struggling in this time.

“Even if this means less profit, I can’t ignore my clients who gave me 29 years of success and support and I want them to know that I’m there for them in these testing times”

Women and men both eagerly wait for your new collection, will HSY be launching a collection for Eid this year?!

Of course! This year you will be seeing us working with all the extremely talented celebrities, staying very close to who they are and who we are as a brand!

Stay tuned for some amazing surprises as we are all set to launch some exquisite pieces for both men and women, from Eid to couture we will have something in store for everyone, At Affordable Prices!

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