March 16-31 2023


Risham Saqib
ties the knot exuding ethereal elegance & timeless charm!

We love how the bride kept everything so fresh, glowy and magical. From the dreamy floral decor to meticulously crafted attires everything looked no less than a fairytale.

Bride: Risham Saqib
Nikkah, Mehndi & Barat outfit: Rishmal
Walima outfit: Faraz Manan
Jewellery: Neemar Jewellery
Photography: Mobeen Studio

Khaadi welcomes you to the Experience Square in Lahore, Y BLOCK DHA, a prestigious thoroughfare in Lahore’s high-profile shopping district. The Experience Square occupies a newly renovated structure with four floors, each designed for connection and discovery. This multi-level store features a striking all glass façade which generates an inside-out feeling amplifying the retail experience.


Our logo consists of the Mark of Expression which is a tangible symbol of our brand representing  everything we are: our expressive heritage, our values, our people, our offerings.

The metal and glass retail building is topped with this Mark of Expression looming over Y Block with its inviting atmosphere and contemporary design.

The transparency of our structure allows natural light to penetrate and create a sense of openness and spaciousness. Large glass panels are used extensively in our design, providing scenic views of the surrounding environment. This creates a visually striking and modern aesthetic, as well as a unique experience for those inside the building signaling the brand’s signature design elements.


This area is dedicated to Fabrics, where you descend the staircase from street level and immediately step into an explosion of creativity and colour. Fabrics are creatively displayed on mannequins, enabling you to visualise and experience the flow and drape.

In addition, we have introduced a convenience line of tailored fabrics into ready-to-wear pieces to cater to your busy schedule.

The basement sees exposed columns and arches accented with hand painted Khaadi motifs. You will witness these icons along a series of carefully designed sequences throughout the space.


Stepping into this space, you will be stunned by a  Stepping into this space, you will be stunned by a suspended elliptical mesh created by Sohail Abdullah, which serves as a focal point, spanning all four floors. The artwork is made with a mesh of galvanised steel wire in hues of the Khaadi Orange, woven in the primordial weave used to make fabric. The resulting piece appears translucent, flowing and weightless.

The floors, wals and ceilings of the ground floor are  The floors, wals and ceilings of the ground floor are covered with natural colours that give neutrality, warmth and originality to the space, providing an ideal texture to showcase Ready to Wear and Accessories. You wil also discover our designated gifting area, which ogers the convenience to wrap gifts bought at the Experience Square.

Nestled in the corner, our olfactory experience is curated to immerse you in a sensory journey, enabling you to discover your scent.

Boasting a sprawling bright space near the fitting rooms, is the light box, ilustrated by our in-house designer Madiha Sarwar and executed in 3D by Suleiman Faisal. Ful of life, colour, bold shapes and imaginative compositions, this art represents the fierce and fashionable Khaadi woman. The controled use of light combinations changes the perception of the artwork; alowing customers to perceive and feel the space digerently.


The mosaic stairs come alive with the hand painted arches that lead you into the first floor, which is an extension of Ready To Wear.

For those of you who are willing to try styles that can exalt your search for refined and contemporary femininity, including Shoes and Accessories, this entire space is made to disrupt and transform.

Designed to inspire creativity, a fashion runway  Designed to inspire creativity, a fashion runway hand painted in a stunning colour gradation by Syed Phool Badshah will immerse you in a selfie walkthrough.


The Fashion Lounge

The light, the artwork and the experience will draw your eyes upwards. With a sophisticated monochrome interior and specially designed lights, the Fashion Lounge aesthetic is a homage to the design language of our premium range. Enhancing your sense of comfort on this floor,  Enhancing your sense of comfort on this floor, our bespoke lounges are created for you to pause, sit back and relax in between your power shopping trip. As a personalised service to you, a fashion expert will be readily available to assist and recommend style options for festive occasions.

For the first time ever, HSY introduces affordable festive collection for the women of Pakistan, named after his mother

Rehana Collection starred by the women of substance is a tribute to the remarkable women who inspired it all on multiple levels. “Rehana” is a celebration of the spirit of womanhood, paying homage to the silent yet
tenacious women who tirelessly uplift us every day.

HSY presented an affordable festive collection, for the first time on Women’s Day to celebrate the women
of substance, because they all deserve to wear what they love.

Tammana mey, taqdeer mey,
Khuwab ki tabeer mey
Shayer ki tehreer mey, soorat mey, tasweer mey
Deewanay ki sada bhi mey, manzil mey wafa bhi mey
Mey wo roshni hun jo aghaz degi, jo lafzon ko awaz degi
Bus in lafzon ko parhti jao, nikharti jao, sanwarti jao

— Sajal Aly —

Maa hun mey, himmat hun mey
Had bhi mey, bey hud bhi mey
Pehli muhabbat bhi mey, akhri ulfat bhi mey
Zindagi ka wasta bhi mey, jannat ka rasta bhi mey
Mey wo shohrat jo naam degi, mey wo muhabbat jo thaam legi
Is shohrat ko le keh charhti jao, is muhabbat ko le keh barhti jao

— Sarwat Gilani —

Hamari intehaye shauq kya hai,
humay har rah guzar pehchaan legi
Hamaray samnay manzil nishaan hai,
nayi subho hamay bhi jaan legi
Is shauq mey machalti jao,
is subho mey ubharti jao

— Hadiqa Kiani —

Jurrat hun mey, taaqat hun mey,
Justajoo mey, azaadi mey
Sitaron ki chamak bhi mey, baharon ki ramaq bhi mey
Ranj mey shafaq bhi mey, umeed ki jhalak bhi mey
Mey wo aandhi hun jo toofan degi, mey wo barish hun jo gulistan degi
Bus aandhi ki tarha larti jao, rukti kyun ho, karti jao

— Saba Qamar —

Known as the “king of Couture” and after completing almost 29 years in the industry, how has the journey been for you and what is your favourite part of being a fashion designer?

The journey has been very rewarding and I feel incredibly blessed and grateful for that as not many people get to do what they love. I believe I have been given this opportunity by my clients and people around me to continue doing what I love the most and this is where my greatest achievement lies.

“I am basically a kid in a shop, getting to live my dream everyday”

We all know that no one in the fashion industry makes a red classic attire better than HSY and the designs you create are always meticulously crafted with some eye catching intricate details, what is your design philosophy and what is your inspiration while creating such designs?

My design philosophy is timeless elegance and beauty. When someone buys my design from any of my collection they should buy it thinking that it is not something on trend, it will be a timeless classic piece that can be worn and used over and over again!

“The fashion and design industry now has become a space of sensationalism all across the world; I want to the peaceful eye in the storm where there is a guarantee aesthetic and classiness  that will never go out of style.”

I believe men make beautiful clothes for women, as that’s how they like to see them. What sets me apart from ‘men designing clothes for women’ is that I design clothes for true women, in particular my mother and my sister and if my mother and my sister are not  able to wear my clothes then all the other women in my culture won’t be able to and I keep that very close to my heart while designing clothes.

Tell us a bit about your collection, Rehana and the whole concept behind this very special campaign

This collection is very close to my heart as it’s named after my beloved mother. I’m very close to my mother and I talk about her a lot…maybe all the time as I lover her dearly. I believe that if people follow us for the trends then they should also follow us for this particular trend that I want to be there always, which is respecting our parents and our elders as it’s a big part of who I am.

“This collection is for my mother and to establish her name because I want her memory to live on. The memory of her to me is not the glamorous woman I know, my mother represents to me hard work, she brought me up as a single parent, doing multiple jobs to pay our bills”

The only way I can celebrate her is to make collections in her name so that all the single mothers out there who might be raising another HSY or another star to feel empowered and seen! I want them to know that there is a brand (HSY) who sees them, understands them and is making beautiful clothes at prices they all can afford!

The new economy is not getting better anytime soon so rather than complaining about it we should start taking action in regards to how to best service people struggling in this time.

“Even if this means less profit, I can’t ignore my clients who gave me 29 years of success and support and I want them to know that I’m there for them in these testing times”

Women and men both eagerly wait for your new collection, will HSY be launching a collection for Eid this year?!

Of course! This year you will be seeing us working with all the extremely talented celebrities, staying very close to who they are and who we are as a brand!

Stay tuned for some amazing surprises as we are all set to launch some exquisite pieces for both men and women, from Eid to couture we will have something in store for everyone, At Affordable Prices!

Take some style inspiration from Hussain Rehar while getting ready this festive season. Hussain strikes a pose wearing a classic white kurta shalwar with beautiful floral embroidery paired with a traditional sandal.

Shehrbano Taseer styles a lawn ensemble by Farah Talib Aziz radiating grace and elegance. The mustard attire emulates soft kaantha embroidery in dainty florals that bloom all over the shirt paired with a woven jacquard dupatta.

PSL is in full swing and we are completely in love with Zainab Abbas’s outfit choices. She wore a subtle, creamy, silk matching separates from Sania Maskatiya with ruffled sleeves. She accessorised the look with rock-stud patent-leather mule by Valentino.

Sona Rafiq turned heads at a wedding wearing a meticulously designed outfit by Wardha Saleem. The attire was a perfect choice for a day time event highlighting beautiful hues of blush pink, embellished with gold and silver crystals, pearls, sequins and zardoz.

Momal Sheikh is making waves on the internet as she attends Paris Fashion Week oozing oomph in a chic cape designed by a student from the AIFD University. She paired the cape with a sleek black dress and stiletto heel sock boots.

Amna Hassan stuns at a wedding ceremony in an intricately embellished gown in hues of rose gold by ace designer Faraz Manan. She accessorised the look with a rose shape, silver clutch by Judith Leiber.

Dawood Global Foundation held the 14th LADIESFUND Women’s Awards for Pakistan 2023 at Sindh Governor House, Karachi, honouring the nation’s most distinguished and significant women of the year. Chief Guest: Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori


Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry launched their SS ‘23 luxury lawn with much fanfare at Cosa Nostra.


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