Neeshay tell us a bit about yourself and your educational background.

I am an Architect by profession with a passion to keep exploring. I completed my graduation from BNU in 2019. I have worked with various architectural design firms as an architect and interior designer, until recently when I decided to embark on a journey of my own practice. I was part of a residency in 2021, which was a turning point in my journey of self-exploration as a creative and set a base for me to develop my photography practice, which I have been passionately pursuing, from there on.

Describe your architectural journey so far and what led you to exploring the artistic side of it?

I believe, my architectural journey is beginning, just now. Initially, I was solely focused on architectural design, but along the way, my aspirations have evolved towards becoming a creative. While I still cherish designing spaces, it’s not confined to just that. To me, architecture is a form of art, that represents an expansive canvas for creative expression and has the ability to manifest itself ranging from grand structures to intricate products; akin artworks, each reflecting the architect’s essence and vision. I intend to delve deeper into this realm and explore as a creative. This perspective has propelled me towards exploring the artistic dimensions of architecture.

How would you describe your art style?

My art style is in a state of constant evolution. I try to not confine myself to a singular medium rather implement my architectural knowledge and experience to whatever medium I intend to explore. Central to my creative identity is the artistic exploration of space through reflections, which adds a unique dimension to my work and a visual experience for all who engage with my work.

Neeshay you are a versatile aspiring artist. What medium of art has grabbed your interest?

I’ve worked with various mediums, including writing, photography, and more recently, ceramics. It’s the concept of each project that dictates the medium for effective communication. Although Photography has been a significant part of my work, particularly in reflection and narrative-based forms. I thoroughly enjoy the medium. It was my undergrad thesis that gave me the courage to pursue it professionally. Looking back, I realize photography chose me, not the other way round-it’s always been my way of expressing myself. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with ceramics, and I’m really enjoying that too.

We’ve seen your particular interest in reflection photography. Tell us a bit more about the medium and what draws you to it?

I’ve always been captivated by reflections. It’s a fascinating phenomenon, creating surreal visual experiences where two planes overlap, resembling artworks in their own right. It’s a beautiful dialogue between the tangible and intangible. Its artistically rewarding exploring space through reflection-an almost intangible dimension, a third dimension. What I find most enjoyable about this art style is how the visual unfolds naturally, often beyond one’s control. All it takes is a keen eye to capture it, and photography serves as a wonderful medium to communicate and capture such artistry.

Any collaboration or exhibition that is very close to your heart and why?

The Residency at Tasweerghar in 2021, marked a pivotal moment in my journey, helping me take a step in the direction that has now become my vision. It stands out as one of my most cherished experiences, reflecting on how it influenced my path forward. Additionally, I had the privilege of being a part of the Design summit held at Lahore Fort from March to April 2024. Coordinating the segment of Pavilions; Materiality as Design was a great learning experience as I worked with some extremely talented individuals and got to witnessed their creative processes unfold through remarkable works. This experience inspired me to pursue my aspirations with renewed hope.

Are there any interesting projects that you are currently working on?

I’ve recently launched my latest collection, “Déjà vu,” for an exhibition at Lakir Art Gallery. In this particular series of photographs, I aim to transcend the boundaries of reality, offering a glimpse into a world that mirrors the surreal landscapes of dreams or memories.  I had the most fun making it and excited for you all to see it.

Additionally, I’m exploring ceramics. I am blending forms to see how they respond to one another in vase-like structures. It’s an attempt to create visually striking art pieces. Take a peek at the pictures for a preview.

Also, I’m in the early stages of conceptualizing an art show based on my vision. Slightly nervous but more excited to see how it turns out.

Looking towards the future, what are your aspirations and vision?

I aspire to keep having fun while exploring architecture on my own terms. My vision is simply to free the concept of architecture from the confines of designing spaces to “DESIGNING” in every form and medium. To scale it down from massive structures to smaller art pieces/products and have it valued as any other form of art.

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